Stephanie McCray

Customer Testimonials

"It has been my great pleasure to have Ms. Stephanie McCray as my hypnotherapist. While she is knowledgable and professional, she is also compassionate. For me these components have been necessary as I began to unlock subconscious doors and identify and understand factors hindering me from success in certain areas."

- Teresa, Retired Teacher

"Never having been to hypnosis I didn't know what to expect. Stephanie has a way of making you feel comfortable and relaxed and has a genuine concern for your well-being. She helped me in ways I didn''t know were possible, and I started to see significant changes in my life. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone interested in hypnosis."

- Autumn, Mental Health Therapist

"Stephanie McCray has been a great asset to my overall well being. Her knowledge coupled with her genuine care and compassion, created the perfect environment for me to heal and make positive changes in my own life. She has made me a believer in hypnotherapy and I'm grateful for all that she has done to support me on my personal growth journey."

- Candice, Psychotherapist