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Individual Sessions: $99 per session

Weight Loss Group Sessions: $495 total package ($99 per session)

  • First must be at the time of scheduling your session day and time.  
  • Second payment due on the day of 1st session.
  • Third payment due on the day of 2nd session.
  • Fourth payment due on the day of 3rd session.
  • Final payment due on the day of 4th session.   
Participants must have funds available when you commit to your sessions (no exceptions). 

Virtual Sessions:  

All participants must have or sign up for a free Zoom account at

  • Please log into Zoom 10 minutes prior to session.
  • Participants should be in a quiet room of which you will not be disturbed. 
  • Participants should be in a comfortable chair. 
  • Please keep your microphone on mute for group sessions.